Sam Kobert and Joel Satnick founded L.H. Dottie in 1965. The first Dottie warehouse (a converted stable for horse drawn milk wagons) was located at 331 Winston Street in Los Angeles, California. The company began by supplying a limited number of products to electrical wholesalers in the area, most making daily pick-ups.

Early on, Dottie recognized the trend of many distributors to consolidate purchases. Dottie addressed this trend by broadening the product offering by adding fastening devices and anchors, electrical fittings, petroleum products (tapes, mastic & cutting oil), tools and specialty items. As a result, business began to grow.

Today, Dottie is housed in a state-of-the art 50,000 square foot building with eight shipping bays. The new 2-1/2 acre facility is located just south of downtown Los Angeles in Commerce, California, providing increased efficiency with its modern building and superior customer service.

Many things have changed since L.H Dottie first opened for business in 1965, but through the years the commitment and dedication toward customers have remained. Customers are treated the same way as when Dottie first started, with respect.