Abel Jasso, Owner and Founder of Quick-Saw, has capitalized on the American dream of inventing a product that will make the lives of others easier and less stressful. An electrician by trade for 10 years, Abel struggled like so many others, when it came to executing the simple task of drilling holes. When a hole is drilled with a hole saw, the slug becomes stuck in the saw chamber. In order to remove the slug, you need to pry it out with a screwdriver or other sharp object. This leaves the operator susceptible to injury not to mention the amount of time being consumed and the stress of being under a deadline. After witnessing a severe injury by a fellow co-worker by the hole saw, Abel decided to take matters into his own hands. Hence, the birth of the Quick-Saw Ejection System which is dedicated to making the lives of all electricians, construction workers, plumbers and do-it-yourselfers much less complicated.