The origin of Condux International started well over a century ago when founder D.W. Radichel relocated his family from Wisconsin to the Mankato, Minnesota area. He purchased a harness shop in 1883, but soon focused his business on the land drainage needs of area farmers.

At the turn of the 20th Century, much of southern Minnesota was marshland-unsuitable for row crops. To prepare these lands for farming, an extensive network of ditches drained surface water. These ditches soon proved themselves to be both a blessing and a burden, for along with the excess water, valuable topsoil was also washing away.

Sensing a need for a cure to this problem, D.W. Radichel sold his harness shop in 1888 and built a concrete drain tile plant 15 miles south of Mankato, which he named North Star Concrete. These innovative drain tiles allowed for surface water removal with little or no erosion. In 1908, the plant was relocated to its present location in Mankato-along the Minnesota River-because of the discovery of high quality aggregates in the area

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