Funky Bag

The conception of the electrical safety drilling tool, AKA "THE FUNKY BAG" began 15 years ago. I, the inventor, was at that time an electrical foreman working in hospitals installing new equipment. I, like everyone else in trade, found a piece of cardboard and strategically tried to place it into the proper location so as to protect the live switchgear components. I was convinced at that point that I would set out to invent and patent a device to protect personnel from this dangerous and sometimes fatal practice.

The search for a device, more than just a bandage, is a journey that is at times very tedious and not very rewarding. One hopes that in the end one can eventually develop a device or procedure whereby the ultimate ideas and concepts can be incorporated to create the perfect tool. Tool develop is not an easy feat by any means, especially when nothing else like it even exists. It"s not building a better mousetrap, it"s building the mousetrap.